Best debt management program reviews

If you find yourself deep in debt you may be considering getting help from a professional. That could mean enrolling in a debt management program (DMP) through a credit counseling agency. Most of these agencies are nonprofits that offer free or low-cost financial services like budget planning, housing advice, debt…

Debt relief vs. credit counseling: Which is right for you?

Navigating your debt relief options may seem daunting. Debt relief and credit counseling are just two major types of debt management you might consider. With debt relief, you hire a company to negotiate a settlement with your creditors. With credit counseling, you get access to services ranging from budget planning…

Debt Consolidation or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Which is Right for You?

If you’re considering consolidating debt or filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’re likely facing serious financial distress. Both debt relief solutions may offer you a path to recovery but also present some challenges worth understanding. What is debt consolidation? Debt consolidation usually means taking out a large loan from a creditor…

How debt management differs from debt consolidation

If you’re in debt and don’t see an easy way out, you might have started investigating your options. That could include two similar-sounding debt relief options: debt management and debt consolidation. While both options involve combining several outstanding balances into one balance that you can make a single payment for…

How do debt management companies work?

If your debt is piling up, and you’re finding it tough to stay on top of your payments, you might be looking for some relief. That can seem even more pressing if you’ve already missed some payments, which causes your credit score to drop, interest rates to go up, and…

What is debt management?

If you’re struggling with mounting debt you probably already know the challenges that high interest rates and missed payment fees can present. In fact, if you’re making just the minimum payments on your credit cards, it could take you up to 20 years (depending on your balances and annual percentage…

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