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Resolve combines caring human experts with powerful technology to provide the most affordable debt relief solutions

Free, comprehensive & unbiased guidance

Our experts and algorithms review all available options and since they don’t work for commissions, they only care about helping you.

Our experts are 
here for you

We’ve gathered the top mission-driven debt experts in the country and plugged them into Resolve. We’re all here to help you get back on track.

Fast & affordable 

Our technology automates the debt relief process, so we can provide more accurate options at a fraction of the cost of traditional debt relief companies. 

No scams, schemes 
or tricks

The traditional debt relief industry has a history of deceptive marketing and predatory pricing. We’re on a mission to fix that!

Thank you for your willingness to be a guide on my journey, helping us to re-establish financial freedom again with less pain and less self-torture on the way.

- Erin S.

It is all over with now, the many daily collection calls, the stress and anxiety and the continued bad credit.

- Michael S.


The Resolve platform
is free to use.

The platform is 100% free to use to compare your debt relief options. Once you choose a debt relief option, you will be subject to the cost of the trusted partner. 

Debt Management

Typically, fees range from 1.7 and 2.5 percent of your total balances enrolled.

Debt Settlement

Our partners charge 15% of the total amount the negotiator saves you.


Bankruptcy fees range from $1,500 – $2,000 depending on where you live.

Secure and private

Your information is 100% confidential and secure. We use bank-level security with 2048-bit SSL encryption and will never share your information without your consent.

We are on a mission

70 million people are experiencing financial distress. It’s overwhelming, embarrassing, scary and lonely. We wake up every morning with a passion to help them.

Our team of experts including attorneys, coaches and negotiators will work hard to reach your debt relief goals.

Find and compare the best debt relief option for you.

No contact information required

We use bank-level security with 2048-bit SSL encryption and will never share your info without your consent


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We were selected as a winner of the prestigious CFSI Financial Solutions Lab by J.P. Morgan Chase

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