I received a settlement offer from my creditor, but when I log into my online account with my creditor to schedule a payment it still says I owe the full original balance. What’s going on? Is it safe for me to make a payment?

As long as you have a settlement letter from your creditor, it is safe to make a payment no matter what it says in your online account. The letter will supersede any other agreements you have with the creditor. Unfortunately, most creditors and collectors do NOT update your online account balance to reflect active settlements. This is why Resolve always waits until we receive a satisfactory settlement letter from your creditor before presenting you with a final offer — the settlement letter is your main legal proof of the settlement arrangement. As long as you make your settlement payments in the correct amount and by the due date on the settlement letter, the creditor is legally obligated to keep their end of the bargain, regardless of what it says in your online account with the creditor.

Resolve recommends SoloSettle

Resolve partners with SoloSuit which provides a debt settlement tool called SoloSettle. If you are being sued for debt, you can use SoloSettle to get it settled quickly.