How to deal with credit cards and other debts during the coronavirus crisis

I’ve been helping people triage problem debt full time since 1999. Over that period of time, there’s little I haven’t seen happen to blow up someone’s personal finances. Then comes a global pandemic. And this crisis is unlike anything we’ve seen before. This is uncharted territory for all of us.…

4 tips for finding the right bankruptcy attorney for you

Not all bankruptcy attorneys are created equal. That’s not shocking: After all, the same could be said about finding help in any profession that requires expertise and training. But there are some things I would encourage you to look out for when you’re interviewing a bankruptcy attorney. Editor’s note: A…

How can I unenroll from my debt settlement company?

If you are currently enrolled with a debt settlement company and you would like to end your relationship with them, you have some options.

Here’s why you shouldn’t send a settlement offer letter to settle your debt

I am not a big fan of sending your creditors and debt collectors a written offer letter to settle your debt for less. In fact, negotiating through the mail is often counterproductive to reaching your goal. Here are some reasons why sending a settlement offer letter can hurt you: Your…
Michael Bovee

Michael Bovee

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