What's a foreclosure bailout loan and is it a good idea?

When you’re facing foreclosure, it’s tempting to look for a fast fix that will keep you in your home. Foreclosure bailout loans offer just that. But with all the scammers and predatory lenders looking to take advantage of desperate homeowners, it’s tough to know which options are safe — and…

How do I avoid foreclosure?

In times of crisis, housing and food should be our two top priorities; however, in light of the severe loss of income millions of Americans are suffering right now, the fear of foreclosure is real. The good news is that unlike the 2008 financial crisis, banks typically aren’t foreclosing to…

How can I get a personal loan if my credit is bad?

Consolidating credit card debt? Renovating your home? If you need more financial flexibility or a fast influx of cash, you may want to consider taking out a personal loan. Personal loans are often considered “good debt,” because they generally come with lower interest rates than credit cards. However, how fast…

The pros & cons of secured and unsecured personal loans

If you need more financial flexibility, you might be thinking about taking out a personal loan. But with so many types of personal loans available, it can be tough to tell which will best fit your needs — and your budget. How you plan to use the money, how long…

I’m underwater on my house: What does that mean and what are my options?

Swings in the housing market can translate to windfall profits — or devastating losses. And it’s difficult to predict which way the wind will blow. If you do find yourself underwater on your house, here’s what it means and what your options are. What does it mean to be underwater?…
Tegan Jones

Tegan Jones

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