What does it mean when a collection agency uses the term “pre-legal” and how can Resolve help?

Some collection agencies and debt buyers have internal teams that are often referred to as “legal” or “pre-legal” departments. Resolving an unpaid debt when accounts are in these departments will often yield better savings and/or more flexible payment terms.

Aside from using the term pre-legal, several credit card issuers will use terms like “Attorney Placement Pending” or reference the fact that they may soon decide to place your account with a law firm for collection. In several instances, the word “may” should read as “will.” In other instances, placing your account for legal collection is mentioned among a couple of other options, such as sending your account to a collection agency, or selling to a debt buyer.

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You can typically prevent your account being placed for legal collections, and it is often advisable to do so. Resolve can help you tailor a strategy that will often limit your legal exposure while settling your debts.

In other instances, you may need to accept the fact that your account will be, or has been, sent to an attorney for collection. There are immediate strategies available through Resolve to deal with legal collections that are effective and affordable, so be sure to complete your Resolve profile, and get informed.

Resolve recommends SoloSettle

Resolve partners with SoloSuit which provides a debt settlement tool called SoloSettle. If you are being sued for debt, you can use SoloSettle to get it settled quickly.