Why aren’t all of my debts included in the Resolve Debt Settlement Plan?

Here are some possible reasons your debts have been excluded from the plan:

  1. The creditor you’ve listed may not be in our system. If you do not see it listed, please check the spelling and/or contact support@helloresolve.com to let us know what type of debt you are trying to enter so we can assist you.
  2. Federal Student Loans cannot be settled for less, and there are other types of creditor accounts that we would not suggest settlement with.
  3. You may have a balance that is too small for us to recommend you settle unless you are already several months late.

Resolve recommends SoloSettle

Resolve partners with SoloSuit which provides a debt settlement tool called SoloSettle. If you are being sued for debt, you can use SoloSettle to get it settled quickly.