How do I fill out or make changes to my profile?

Filling out your profile is easy, just follow the guide below!

1. First, you’ll want to take care of the items in your Action Plan. You can easily access it by clicking on the menu on the right hand side of your screen.


2. Make sure to complete any tasks that are due soon.


3. For any account updates, you’ll want to click on the ‘Account’ tab on the lefthand side of your dashboard.


4. Here you’ll be able to edit or add personal details, other debts, or update your available budget for paying down your debts. Let’s start with details:


5. When you click the edit button, a form should pop up for you to input your information like example below when selecting to edit ‘Basic information’


6. Click on the ‘Debts’ tab to add and/or edit your debts. Making sure we have the most accurate and updated information will help us propose the best options for you.


7. Lastly, click the ‘Budget’ tab to update your available funds. Making sure we have the most accurate and updated information will help us propose the best options for you.

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