Your Chance to Make $500 of Your Debt Disappear!

At Resolve, we’re always looking for ways to help decrease what you owe. The Power Payoff Giveaway offers you a chance at $500 that goes straight to paying down your debt.


How does it work?


All Power Members are automatically entered into the weekly giveaway


We draw and contact a lucky winner every Friday at 9 am PT/12 ET


The winner chooses which debt they’d like the $500 to go towards and we pay your creditor directly

And just like that, $500 in debt *poof* gone!

By paying for Power Membership, you authorize Resolve Innovations, Inc. to automatically enter you into our weekly giveaway. Giveaways will be drawn every Friday at 12pm Pacific Time and winners will be notified shortly after on the same day by email and phone. If there is no response within 30 days, Resolve holds the right to refuse prize winnings to said Member. Power Members are defined as users that are subscribed to the Power tier of Resolve Membership. If you cancel your Power Membership or discontinue payment, you will not be eligible for future giveaways, unless you reinstate your Resolve Power Membership. For any questions or issues, please contact us at