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Our mission

The financial services industry is full of companies looking to take advantage of people who are under a heavy burden of debt. Many of the “solutions” they sell are commission-based and difficult to understand. Some of their practices are downright deceptive.

Resolve is different. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we instill trust in our customers with our expertise, our unrelenting transparency and our commitment to putting people over profits. Resolve’s mission is to be your personal guide out of financial distress — no matter how much debt you have or where it came from — and get you back to financial health. We’re a responsible alternative to the traditional debt settlement industry. (You can read more about what it means to be a Public Benefit Corporations here.)

Our story

After years helping other businesses succeed, Resolve co-founder and CEO Alex Mooradian was looking for an opportunity to sink his teeth into. Specifically, he was looking for a way to use technology to help the average American manage daily financial life. When he stumbled on some YouTube videos on the debt industry produced by Michael Bovee, who had been giving free advice to financially distressed people for almost two decades, Alex knew he’d found something unique. 

“I knew that the way Michael was talking about debt, and what he was doing to help people pull themselves out from under it, was different than anything I’d seen in the industry,” Alex recalls. “This is unfortunately a world that is full of companies who do not have consumers’ best interests in mind.”

Alex reached out to Michael to pitch him on the idea of a software platform that would scale the advice he’d been giving one-on-one to consumers for years.  

“Alex’s first question to me wasn’tHow can we work together and make money?’” remembers Michael. “His first question was, ‘How can I help you help more people?’”

Alex and Michael founded Resolve in 2017 and have since helped tens of thousands of people use Resolve’s guidance to handle more than $1.5 billion of distressed debt. And they’re just getting started.

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Resolve is an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau


We were selected as a winner of the prestigious CFSI Financial Solutions Lab by J.P. Morgan Chase

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