How debt settlement works on Resolve

How debt settlement works on Resolve

Make your money go further as a Resolve member

As a Resolve member you will be able to monitor your credit score, get powerful budgeting tools, debt relief recommendations and much more.

The term “debt settlement” is an appealing one for folks looking for a way to get out from under the burden of their debts. It certainly sounds more hopeful than another debt relief option, bankruptcy. Here’s how debt settlement works on Resolve and what sets the company apart from others in the industry.

Bad actors in the debt relief industry

Unfortunately, as with many things financial, there are plenty of bad actors out there who use others’ misfortune as an opportunity to make money. When you’re feeling desperate, their promises of debt relief can seem like the perfect solution. Dig a little deeper, however, and it becomes obvious that your financial well-being is their last consideration.

These bad actors can give an entire industry a bad name. Worse, they make it nearly impossible for people already in a bad financial situation to improve their positions. But how do you suss out these bad actors? And how do you determine what is really your best financial solution?

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Unlike traditional debt relief providers, Resolve measures its success by keeping their customers’ best interests top of mind — no matter what path to financial health they may choose. And when it comes to debt settlement, Resolve offers a responsible alternative, referring customers only to mission-aligned service providers in the Resolve Network

How debt settlement works with the Resolve Network

Resolve’s partners agree to transparency to creditors, transparency about consumer risks and fee structures that are often much lower than traditional settlement companies. The Resolve team itself is made up of passionate financial advisers, debt experts and technologists who are committed to helping people resolve their debt, get back on their feet and get on with their lives.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of what makes debt settlement through the Resolve Network different:

How the Resolve Network is different

As we said before, Resolve’s partners are dedicated to helping people in financial distress eliminate their debt burden. From debt coaches, debt negotiators, credit counselors and even attorneys, our partners are hand-selected for their outstanding performance and dedication to helping clients as quickly and as affordably as possible.  

Resolve screens all the providers in the Network to ensure they share the same values: to always do what’s right by customers and to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards.

This matters because there are risks to consumers seeking debt relief. Your credit can be negatively impacted in the short- to mid-term as you work to get your finances back on track. You could also be sued by a debt collection company. You can read more about the risks here

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How Resolve can help

Whether you’re considering debt settlement, debt management or even bankruptcy, we can help you understand what each of these options means for your personal financial situation and how you can get back on track, all while knowing your best interests are top of mind for the financial experts helping you.

Your first step is to complete your profile here. We’re also happy to speak with you to discuss your situation further. Just send us a message.

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Make your money go further as a Resolve member​​

As a Resolve member you will be able monitor your credit score, get powerful budgeting tools, debt relief recommendations and much more.

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