Creditor Offers

Take control of your debt

We can help you take control of your debt by contacting your creditors on your behalf for no-obligation offers. The process is simple to start and we’ll work with you each step of the way to make it easy.

Starting the offer process is easy

Organize your debts in the order you want to proceed. Then, start the offer process by clicking a button. That’s it! 

We'll guide you through your offers

Whether it’s a deferment, hardship, settlement or a different offer, your debt expert will inform you of the offer and enroll you if you decide to accept it.

Get answers to all your questions

We know dealing with debt is stressful and confusing. Our debt experts are easy to get a hold of to answer all your debt related questions.

Common Questions

What is the goal of Creditor Offers?

Creditor Offers is designed to open a dialogue between you and your creditors. In general, your creditors want to help you get back on your feet and are willing to offer many types of concessions like refunding fees or lowering balances. Creditor Offers makes it quick and easy to find out what your creditors are willing to do for you.

How does Creditor Offers work?

It’s quite simple. We contact your creditors on your behalf. Present your situation to them and get you obligation-free offers. We contact two creditors at a time in any order you’d like. We typically suggest starting with your largest balances or most delinquent accounts.

What types of offers will I get?

This really depends on the individual creditor, type of debt, and stage of delinquency. For example, if your account is in good standing (i.e. you’ve been making on-time payments), offers are generally fee refunds, lower interest rates, or payment deferments. If you are behind on payments, you’ll likely be offered a settlement (also known as debt forgiveness).

What are the fees?

There are no additional fees associated with Creditor Offers but we encourage and appreciate “tips” based on successful offers. Tips are an important part of our business model and help us keep the lights on and build amazing technology for you.

How much should I tip?

A normal tip equals about 15% of what we’ve saved you. If we save you $100, we’d love a tip of $15. Seems fair and reasonable, right? It also works out to be about 90% less than a traditional provider.

Is this a Debt Settlement Program?

This is not a “traditional” debt settlement program, but we can help you settle your debts for less than you owe by getting individual offers from your creditors.

How is this different from Debt Settlement?

Here are just a few key differences…1) we don’t charge ridiculously high fees, 2) we start contacting creditors immediately, 3) we’ll get more than just settlement offers, 4) we don’t require a special bank account, 5) we don’t have high-pressure salespeople, 6) we don’t sell your personal information to other companies.

Is this a Debt Management Program?

This is not a “traditional” debt management program as offered by Credit Counseling Agencies, but we can help you lower your interest rates by getting individual offers from your creditors.

How is this different from Debt Management?

Here are just a few key differences…1) we’ll get you offers that including settling for less than you owe, 2) we work with all types of creditors and account types, 3) we don’t require you to close your accounts, 4) our offers are more flexible.

How do I make payments?

We will handle the payment for you, free of charge. There is no need for you to ever speak with your creditor. We also provide you with the necessary paperwork with payment instructions in case you prefer to set the payment up yourself.

Will I get calls from collectors?

This is a tricky question. We’ll help you manage and reduce the stress associated with collection calls but we don’t want to block them completely. Blocking communication from your creditors increased the probability that they will sue you and makes it harder to get great, money-saving offers.

Why does it take a few days to get an offer?

Your situation is unique and creditor’s policies and offers are always changing. So in order to get you the best and most accurate offers, we need to contact each creditor individually.

Does Resolve provide ongoing support?

Our real-human experts will be at your fingertips each step of the way.

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