Credit Status

Tools to help you improve your credit status

Our Credit Status feature is designed to help you track your total debt and all factors that impact your credit score. 

Track your progress as you pay down debt

Track your pay-down progress at a high level or dive deep into the details of each debt to form a strategy that works for you.

Get regular credit score updates​

We regularly update your credit score and we’ve designed tools to help you analyze the factors that impact your credit score.

Stay informed with credit status alerts

We’ll keep an eye on your credit report so you don’t have to. If anything notable comes up, we’ll send you a notification so you stay informed.

Common Questions

Why am I missing an account on my Credit Status page?

Usually a missing account boils down to one of two scenarios. Either, the creditor of the missing account hasn’t reported the account to TransUnion, or there was a mistake between TransUnion and the creditor. If this is a new account, you may see a lag between when the account is opened and when it is reported to TransUnion.

Is it possible to manage my Credit Status alerts and notifications?

Yes! We’ve created a notifications page thats located in your Resolve account settings that allow you to customize which notifications you wish to receive and which ones you don’t.

Can I consider the account balances on my accounts as a payoff balance?

No. There are a number of factors that go into determining your actual payoff amount with your lender. The balances you see on Resolve reflects the information thats been reported to TransUnion at the time of our most recent sync. To get an accurate payoff amount, you will need to contact your lender directly.

My debt balance is different from what I see in my lender portal. Why?

Let’s explain how we update your Credit Status page. You make a payment to your lender. Your lender will then update their systems to reflect your new balance. Your lender will then report your latest payment and other information to the credit bureaus. We will pull the latest information from TransUnion once a month. One possibility our information is different is that your lender reported your latest payment to TransUnion one or more days after we performed our latest sync with TransUnion.

Where do you get my credit information?

We have partnered with TransUnion to perform soft-pulls of your credit report on a regular basis. Any information we have on file comes exclusively from TransUnion.

Will your service impact my credit score?

No. We perform a soft-pull of your credit score from TransUnion. This will not impact your credit score in any way.

A lender pulled my credit report but they show a different score than the score I see on my Credit Status page. Why?

Here at Resolve, we pull information from TransUnion. The score and information on your credit report is exactly what TransUnion has on file. There a re a few reasons the score the lender sees is different than the score you see on your Credit Status page. They are reviewing a credit score with a different credit bureau.The information they have is more recent than the last time your Credit Status page was updated.There is missing information on the TransUnion Credit Report.

How often is my credit score updated?

Today, we update your credit score once a month. Just as a reminder, this update is a soft pull and will not impact your credit score.

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